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Haley Court Chiropody is a fee for service clinic. Treatments are not covered by OHIP.  Foot care fees are often covered by private or group insurance plans. Please check with your insurance provider.


We provide treatment for common toenail issues such as thick and discoloured nails, ingrown toenails, fungal nails, and dystrophic nails. 


The chiropodist is able to treat skin conditions including calluses, corns, plantar warts, skin infections, and ulcerations (or wounds).


Structural disorders of the feet , such as the highly arched foot, or flat foot, can often result in foot pain. We treat foot pain by using several approaches including foot wear suggestions and adjustments, utilizing physical therapy modalities,  and prescribing and dispensing custom foot orthotics


The goal of custom foot orthotics is to address structural malalignments that might be causing heel pain, arch pain or forefoot pain. They often can address knee, hip and back issues.  Once fitted, custom orthotics will improve foot function by reducing stress, and thus creating a more functional position of the feet.


Comprehensive diabetic foot care can be incorporated into routine visits, where annual or semi annual foot inspections are completed. These "foot check ups" include sensory testing, vascular assessments, strength testing, evaluation for any structural changes, and an overall inspection of skin and nails. Daily diabetic foot care will also be reviewed on a regular basis.

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